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Panel membership

The REF panels were appointed in 2010, with additional assessors appointed during 2013 to extend the breadth and depth of the panels' expertise for the assessment phase of the exercise.

The final lists of REF panel members and specialist advisers are provided below, containing details of all individuals that served on the REF2014 panels.

Recruitment process

In 2010, the main and sub-panel chairs and members were appointed to contribute to the criteria phase of the REF. Main and sub-panel chairs were enlisted through an open recruitment process and panel members were appointed through a nominations process. The appointment process and criteria are set out in 'Units of assessment and recruitment of expert panels'.

During 2012 and 2013, additional assessors were appointed to extend the breadth and depth of the panels' expertise based on a survey of submission intentions completed by HEIs in autumn 2012. We appointed both:

  • Research users, to take part in assessing the impact elements of submissions.
  • Practising researchers, to take part in assessing research outputs.

Further information on the role and appointment of assessors is detailed in the 'panel criteria', paragraphs 28-34.

Nominating bodies

The list of bodies invited to nominate candidates to be panel members and assessors is below.

Nominating bodies (updated September 2012)

|Download the Nominating bodies as MS Word (167 KB)

Conflicts of interest

The REF is governed by the principles of equity, equality and transparency.  To ensure these principles are adhered to, we have set out arrangements for 'Managing conflicts of interest' at Annex D of the 'panel criteria'.

A final list of the major conflicts of interest as declared by panel members, observers and specialist advisers is provided below.