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Arrangements for the collection of final codes of practice and equality impact assessments

December 2013

Title:  Arrangements for the collection of final codes of practice and equality impact assessments
To:  REF institutional contacts
Of interest to those responsible for:  Research Excellence Framework; Human resources management; Equality and diversity
Publication date:  27 February 2013
Enquiries to:  Anna Dickinson
tel 0117 931 7477

Dear REF main contact

1.       I am writing to set out the arrangements for providing final copies of your institution’s code of practice on the selection of staff for the REF and it’s equality impact assessment.

Codes of practice

2.       Institutions’ codes of practice (COPs) on the selection of staff for the REF will be published as part of the submissions after the conclusion of the REF. To ensure that we publish up-to-date COPs, we require the final version, suitable for publication, by Friday 28 February 2014.

Equality impact assessments

3.       Alongside the final COP, we request a copy of your institution’s final equality impact assessment (EIA).

4.       As set out in REF02.2011 ‘Assessment framework and guidance on submissions’ paragraph 212 – 218, the funding bodies required all institutions to conduct an EIA on their policy and procedures for selecting staff for the REF and expect all institutions to publish their final EIAs after the submissions have been made, as a matter of good practice.

5.       The EIAs we collect will be used by the Equality and Diversity Advisory Panel (EDAP) to assist with evaluating the overall effectiveness of the equality and diversity aspects of the REF at sector level, and lessons learned for the future. EDAP will not make judgements or comment on individual institutions’ EIAs. EDAP will report on the lessons drawn from EIAs at sector level, as part of a wider report reflecting on individual staff circumstances and other equality and diversity issues, in 2015.

6.       EDAP will be particularly interested in the following information within the EIAs:

  • The final analysis of data comparing the characteristics of staff selected for submission, with the characteristics of all eligible staff.
  • Any actions taken to prevent discrimination or advance equality during the selection process and their outcomes, including the justification for and/or actions taken to address any differential impact that staff selection may have had on particular groups, and information about any policies or practices that had a positive impact on equality during the selection process.

Collection procedures

7.       Institutions should provide the final COP and EIA by email to:, no later than Friday 28 February 2014. Both documents should be provided in one email as separate attachments and should be provided in PDF format.

8.       If you have any queries about any of the information contained in this letter please contact


Yours sincerely,


Graeme Rosenberg

REF Manager